Ahhhhh Summertime!

Thought I would finally get around to showing a peek of the exterior of our shop.  We converted this tiny shed, complete with chandelier, into a mini showroom for our raku pottery.  

I only wish I had the 'before' shots to show you.  Think dirty, dark and dingy and crammed to the gills with junk and you have conjured up the image.  Nothing a little paint and elbow grease can't improve upon though. 

Can you hear the relaxing sound of this vintage fish fountain I found at a local antique mall for a mere $26?! I know -- and it actually works too!

Oh and then there are the tiny white roses that are blooming right now. . .

 planted right inside a huge vintage wrought iron birdcage!

The cage is wrapped in tiny white Christmas lights, of course.

 I took this shot a couple days ago as evening was approaching.

In the background to the right of the shed is the location of the cemetery that we are restoring.  I should take you along the path to it in a future post.  It continues to fascinate us and hold our attention so I must make a point to share it with you sometime too!