A Few Offerings and Sights at Frenchmans Bay Tea Co.

Vintage brooches fashioned into jewelry.  

A set of hand cast concrete wing tiles.  

Garden Glass made from vintage glass.  Like jewelry for your garden.  Created by Alyson, website found here.

A trunk full of vintage goodies with the resident crow standing guard.

Unique brooches...yes we have lots of bling here!

A sampling of our hand thrown raku pottery.  More can be found at Birch Moon Boutique in Bar Harbor.

And for your shopping pleasure we also serve freshly brewed coffee and tea, sweet treats, ice cream and ice cold sodas in glass bottles.  The glass bottles will help ensure there will always be plentiful supplies of sea glass for future generations.

We open our doors on weekends each Friday-Sunday from 1:00-7:00 p.m.  After all, we need the rest of the week to explore and enjoy the beautiful summers here in Downeast Maine.