About frenchmans bay tea co.

Welcome to Frenchman's Bay Tea Co.!  My name is Lili, and my husband Henri and I just opened a new shop in mid-August 2012 located in Sorrento, Maine. 

This blog was originally created as a place to capture my thoughts and imagination of what it would be like to open my very own shop by the sea.  Sometimes real life holds many more surprises for us than perhaps what our imaginations could even conjure up to write about.  

Rather than delete evidence of this blog's original purpose, I've decided to leave all of my previous entries, including the below welcome I wrote back when Frenchmans Bay Tea Co. was just a figment of my imagination.  I hope you find it interesting and that you will stop by from time to time and maybe even leave me a comment or two.  


Welcome to my fantasy world where I imagine opening an exciting new shop by the sea! Come on in and join me as I visually take you there with out-of-focus imagery, and glimpses of the place I call frenchmans bay tea co.  Taken from the name of the bay that surrounds the peninsula where I live, and from my newly discovered preference for tea, the name itself is one of the few elements that I envision clearly. So far, I've just been sitting here dreaming of serving up tea cakes, waiting for you to arrive.

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  1. This is very exciting; holding onto my hat for more!!!