An Imaginary Shop By the Sea

Welcome to my fantasy world where I imagine opening an exciting new shop by the sea! Come on in and join me as I visually take you there with out-of-focus imagery, and glimpses of the place I call frenchmans bay tea co.  Taken from the name of the bay that surrounds the peninsula where I live, and from my newly discovered preference for tea, the name itself is one of the few elements that I envision clearly. So far, I've just been sitting here dreaming of serving up tea cakes, waiting for you to arrive.  

My freshly baked and decorated 3-tiered cakelets.  In real life, the cakelet pan was a gift, but you can find one here.  

Below is a vintage and beautifully tarnished silverplate tea set that in real life I already sold on Etsy.  It's the type of thing that I envision to have in my new shop.   

So here I begin, curious to see where this little exercise in pretend will take me.  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope I haven't scared you away yet with my crazy dreaming.  If not, brace yourself, there's much more coming!