Winter Sparkle and Spring Bling

For me, winter is all about having the time and inspiration to plan and dream of ways to add new interest to my shop in anticipation of a spring reopening.   This year I am pairing upcycled leather belts with vintage brooches, turning them into an assortment of bejeweled leather cuffs with snap closures.  

Of course, it is always fun for me to have a sample of offerings for both genders in my shop, so I set about coming up with a design that may catch the eye of someone suited for less bling.  

And to catch the eye of a true magpie, the one below pays homage to the beauty a simple snowflake.  

With another blizzard expected to arrive this weekend, here is my tongue-in-cheek nod to winter.  Presenting my latest creation I have dubbed "Blizzard Bling"!  You know it's cold outside when your champagne bottle sports a fur collar.  As in "just how cold is it outside?"  It is "Blizzard Bling" cold!  What fun I have here in the winter.  

Before I close, I thought you may be interested to see the winter view of the cemetery entrance next to my shop.  If you have been here in person, you know all about this place and our quest to learn more about who is buried there.  


One last shot of my "spring bling" to help coax our thoughts away from winter.  


Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I enjoyed showing you a bit of the "winter side" of my little seasonal shop and a sneak preview of what I have been working on.  


  1. WOWOWOWOW I want to buy the star cuff!! measurements? price?

  2. Very pretty - such fun to craft in the winter. Hope the blizzard isn't too bad. It is always great to see you here in blogland.

    1. Thank you Jo! The blizzard is just now descending upon us...we are hunkering down!

  3. Beautiful things! I'm sure
    they've been very popular
    in your little shop : )

    xo Suzanne

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