Bottles Laden With The Sea

For me, half of the excitement of opening up a bottle of wine or champagne is having the chance to use a special bottle stopper.

Right now, I'm not quite sure if my shop could procure the necessary license for serving up spirits.  At least of the alcoholic kind, that is.  Rest assured, there will be other spirits that may be seen from time to time in my shop.  After all, what would a shop on the Coast of Maine be without talk of a legendary haunting!  

So for now while I'm sitting here being a teetotaler, I may as well use a bottle that spent some time in the sea to display this pretty sea horse bottle stopper.   Washed with barnacles it's a dreamy sight.  

Can you imagine the excitement of standing on the shore and having these lovelies wash up at your feet!

Here's a little closer look at Mother Nature's handiwork, in case you're a little like me and find it hard to decide which is your favorite one. 

Secretly,  I hope my shop does that to people.  

I envision a display of these bottles running all along the window sills of my shop where they will catch the light, as well as the eye of a passing potential customer.  

~ ~ ~

The Possible's slow fuse is lit by the Imagination.  
                                                                                                           ...Emily Dickinson


  1. Those bottles are wonderful! I only seem to find them after they've become seaglass bits! And how nice that you left the shop window open, so we could hear the surf and seagulls! Sweet! Thanks!

  2. The colors of those bottles are amazing. Cannot pick a favorite, so shall have to have one of each please, along with the shiny bright seahorse bottle stopper of course. Oh, my, I just caught a glimpse of something odd in the shadows there..and now I've got goose bumps. Who, or what was hiding there..??!!

  3. Beautiful bottles and beautiful images! I love the big aqua one the most, and that seahorse stopper is so sweet!

    Kat :)

  4. No, cannot picture one
    of these lovelies tossed ashore,
    although it obviously must
    have happened. Beautiful!

    xx Suzanne

  5. Love the seahorse stopper and it's bottle. It seems to be touched with the gold of pirates. I'm worried about those musicians so close to the surf though.

  6. Oh Lili...I love the bottles - they all remind of the ocean water...such beautiful shades mixed together in a vignette with that glorious looking seahorse topper...Are these YOURS? or images....I wasn't sure..but I hope they are yours...they JUST belong in the Frenchmans bay tea shop....now if they might just be in the NEST for real!!
    Love the surf sounds...close your eyes and you get taken away....:-) In our first house we had two HUGE old trees in our front yard...when the winds would blow sometimes in the evening, I would sit out on the porch steps and close my eyes and it sounded JUST like the surf coming in around the toes when you sat at the edge of the tide and the beach....I LOVED to do that....I could imagine myself at the coast...lovely...ENJOYED my visit here today....and oh my....spirits of the other kind???..hope they are the friendly sort...!! {hugs} xo

  7. Oh Lili--these bottles are fabulous! Love your posts here on your new magical blog!~~Rain

  8. Lili- these bottles are so lovely-- what a treasure to find one of these as you walk along the shore. I've found a few bottles also on our beach walks- but nothing as lovely as these. The aqua ones are fabulous--- your images are just dreamy and beautiful. I simply love your new blog!

  9. How amazing to find those on the shore. I imagine messages in them...