Gold Leaf, Garden Pots and a Unique Timepiece

Here I am back again to share a bit more of my dreams with you.  I really want to thank everyone who has stopped by to encourage me, I admit I was holding my breath a little when I rolled this out for fear of what you might think of my little "pretend" situation here.  But you all are terrific, just like I "dreamed" you would be! 

In real life, I stenciled the name of my shop right across the top of this wooden table using a pot of liquid gold leaf. It even glows when the light catches it which makes me dream of a light and airy place with lots of windows.    

A handful of scallop shells help soften up the edges and give it a coastal identity.  

Now that I have a place to sit and gather my thoughts I think a hot cup of tea is in order.   My rose patterned teacup, purposely mismatched with a vintage ironstone saucer, hints at the scent of wild beach roses that would be found right outside my shop.  

I envision the shop of my dreams to reflect the world right outside its very walls, doors and windows.   Like these smooth granite stones collected from the shore that are tiny masterpieces worthy of their own nest.  

It's also part of a birdie motif that I envision.  Like my garden pots that I keep making up with wild abandon.    

This scallop shell turned time keeper is both useful and practical.  And kind of a dreamy way to keep track of time too, don't you think?    

I really thank you for stopping by to play along with me today.  And now I'll leave you with a quote I came across this week that pretty much captures my feelings to a "tea."  

~ ~ ~

We were always dreaming of how it was going to be.
                                                                 -George Lucas


  1. A beautiful day in dreamland....thanks!

  2. Such wonderful, pretty photos. From all these miles away across the ocean I can easily believe it's real. What fun. The music reminds me of a movie too.

  3. I love your little pots...SO pretty...are you thinking about selling your beautiful creations in an Etsy? Enjoyed seeing your dream place coming to life!! Hugs Lili! xo

  4. My mother in law collects rocks and yours are beautiful they look like bird's eggs. I love the shell clock, so clever!

    Kat :)

  5. Oh Lili- I love the pots-- they are fabulous. And your stenciled table-- sigh-- it's just perfect!! I could be so happy here in this special place!

  6. Wonderful!! It's really amazing!! Each and every picture is phenomenal!! Well done!