Seasonal Changes and Inspiration For My Shop

This chippy paint mantel was the highlight of some new changes we have recently made to the interior of my shop.  

It inspired me to create a special  "tea" Christmas stocking out of burlap and a few scraps of fabric and ribbon. 

I brought in some simple Christmas greenery and added it here and there.

I love this silver glass light fixture, but I have decided to add it to the inventory of things I have for sale.
I am finding it hard to not want to hoard all these things for myself.

Like this beautiful curvy teapot and oh so shabby heavy silverplate tray.

Within the past few weeks I have had so much fun just tweaking here and there.  Henri's idea was to offer up tea served in English ironstone teacups and saucers accompanied with biscotti or a few dark chocolate wafers.  My shop doesn't see much business this time of year, but I am enjoying this quiet time to plan and dream and tweak to my heart's content.

Outside the shop is a former storage shed that we turned into a place to house our wheel thrown raku pottery.  I gave everything a white washing with paint, and to pretty it up I added some corbels and a sea lavender wreath with a lantern, along with my hand made soft aqua pottery sign.  Henri added the crowning touch with the chandelier he installed.

Most mornings while I'm still in bed dreaming away about all the things I want to do with my shop, Henri is up at the crack of dawn enjoying his first cup of coffee while he watches the sunrise.

If it weren't for him taking the time to capture these shots for me, I would not know what I had been missing.    Now that I know, I have been making it a point to wake up early too.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you too are enjoying the changes and beauty of this holiday season!


  1. I swear I will get down there to see your shop--sometime--I hope! The pottery shed looks so pretty. I'm so happy for you, what a lovely space.

  2. The shop and your new pottery shed are both so lovely Lili! I wish I lived close enough to pop by for a cup of tea! Love the shots Henri took!


  3. Every pic is filled with romance and loveliness! Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! Love that you
    are making your dream
    a reality!!

    xo Suzanne

  5. Beautiful!! I want to be there to sip tea and eat chocolates with you in your dreamy beautiful shop. These photos are stunning-- how wonderful for you Lili!
    I'm sending bright holiday wishes to you and Henri--
    Stay snug and warm!

  6. Hello dear Lili,

    Henri's sunrises are spectacular. Lovely, lovely, as is your shop and the raku area replete with chandelier. I plan on visiting all this next summer (god willing).

    Love to you,


  7. Absolutely beautiful ~ love your Pottery shed :)
    Wishes for a Happy New Year!