Asleep In The Snow

A blanket of snow seems to make everything a little more quieter.  A little more peaceful.  

A little more reverent.  

Winter changes delicate flowers into wispy trails that continue to adorn in a harsh landscape.     

My new shop sign receives the first of its many exposures to the natural elements of our climate.  

From the shop there is a path that leads into an old forgotten cemetery that we are in the process of restoring.

An angel sleeps.  

A mother with her babes.  

Their names may forever remain unknown, or some day we just may get lucky and figure it all out.

But for now, may they rest in peace knowing they will be remembered by those who find their way here to visit in the many years to come.  


  1. This is so beautiful, Lili! Quiet, peaceful, and reflective. Lovely!

  2. How lovely. I love the quietness of winter.

  3. Beautiful images and words Lili! And I love your new sign!!!

    xo Kat

  4. Your new sign is fabulous, Lili! I enjoyed all the snowy photos. The cemetery, I expect, must be absolutely still and silent except for the fluffy tumbles of snow off of a tree branch. The necklace you placed around the neck of the mother is so poignant.
    I love the serenity that a newly fallen snow brings. Breathing in deeply of the cold, fresh scent refreshes the mind and the spirit. Your pictures have conjured up a poetical mood for me!! Take good care.

  5. Oh Lili- what a beautiful place of solace you have created-- the gentle blanket of snow makes it all seem even more quiet- calm- beautiful. I truly love your new shop sign!! It's SO you and it's just perfect for your place.. Oh to step outside the doors- feel a gentle breeze and step into the humble cemetary-- what a wonderful place to commune with both nature and God. Your photos are stunning-- I love the necklace against the snowy backdrop--

    I think the spirits who live there must be so happy that you are taking care of their home --

    Such a beautiful post Lili-- so like You-

  6. Another sweet
    respite from my
    day's work....

    Thank you for YOUR
    sweet heart and spirit,

    xo Suzanne

  7. Lovely and so peaceful. It is so calming to come to this blog - thank you.

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  9. Hi Lili, These pics are beautiful as always :O) That blue rosary is gorgeous. Blessings, xo