I Saw A Ship A-Sailing

If you have ever been to my shop, you may have noticed that I seldom put red in my decor there.  This is on purpose and serves to give the interior of my shop a sense of serenity and calm that flows well.  Red is an attention grabber, flashy and full of excitement.  I love red, but just find it a little bit too jarring for my distressed shabby vintage interior.  But blue...oh how I have come to adore bits of blue intermingled with well worn patina and dreamy, chippy white paint surfaces!  Ever notice how a combination of blue and white is so soothing to the eyes?  My clipper ship logo is a prominent theme in my decor.  

Over the winter, I have plans to make some changes to my shop.  One, is the addition of a more healthy offering to my current sugar laden "candy buffet."  Namely, home made granola!  The kind of snack that will actually provide sustenance to the hikers, bikers, or sailors that may find their way to my shop in the summer months.  I have been experimenting with the ingredients and may have hit upon a tasty combination that is also rather healthy.  In addition to the old fashioned oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, and dates, I am using fresh coconut that I open, drain and grate myself.  The mix gets sweetened with  pure maple syrup and dark chocolate chips.

So what does this have to do with the color of red in my shop you ask?  Well, it's because of  something that caught my eye -- a clipper ship fabric in red!  It adds such a festive touch to to the tops of the canning jars filled with my new granola mix.

Tied with simple red seam binding, I couldn't resist going overboard with this flashy deep hue.

So that's the story of my former aversion to red at frenchmans bay tea co. and how it may end up finding it's way into my shop palette after all.

I saw a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea;
And oh, it was all laden
With pretty things for thee!
                                                                                                         ~Mother Goose


  1. Yum and Gorgeous are the first 2 words that come to mind. Oh Lili, how I wish I could come and visit your shop and sample some of these delicious looking treats with you! I think I shall find myself "a tall ship and a star to steer her by" and sail across the Atlantic to Frenchman's Bay Tea Co. We'll enjoy a superb pot of tea together and I'll buy all the lovely festive ruby red trimmed jars before I set sail again! A girl can dream, can't she? xoxo

  2. Oh Lili- the fabric is perfection for those little jars- I'm sure they make a stunning display in your shop. We need more shop pictures-- I just know it's so beautiful in there!! The granola sounds wonderful!! It will be perfect for the hikers and hungry tourists-- hope you made a bunch-- it's going to be a hit!

    Merry Christmas to you dear Lili--

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